White Coffee Steamed Cake 蒸白咖啡蛋糕 | 滿滿的濃咖啡香 零失敗做法

How to make White Coffee Cake? 如何製作白咖啡蛋糕?咖啡蛋糕的做法 Old Town White Coffee Cake Recipe 香濃咖啡蛋糕 | 白咖啡蛋糕食譜

Soft and delicious white coffee cake can be made with only a few ingredients.


Ingredients 材料: 3 Eggs(3粒 雞蛋) 100g Caster sugar (100 克 細砂糖) 1 stick of White coffee powder(1條 白咖啡粉) 50ml Evaporated milk(50毫升 淡奶) 15g Corn oil(15克 玉米油) 140g Plain flour (140克 普通麵粉)

7 inches Cake pan lined with non stick paper (7寸蛋糕盤鋪上油紙)

Procedure: Beat the eggs and sugar at high speed for about eight minutes until they turn milky white. Stir the coffee powder and evaporated milk well, then add corn oil and stir well. Pour into the milky white batter, sift in the flour and stir evenly by cutting and mixing, and then stir until smooth. Pour into the cake pan and shake out bubbles. Steam in a preheated steamer for 30 minutes on high heat.

做法: 雞蛋和糖高速打發大約八分鐘至變乳白色。咖啡粉和淡奶攪拌均勻再加入玉米油攪勻。倒入乳白色麵糊中篩入麵粉用切拌方式攪拌均勻,之後攪拌至順滑。倒入蛋糕盤中,震出氣泡。 在預熱蒸鍋里大火蒸30分鐘。

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